Second operator delays in paying Government franchise fee

Tehran, Sept 1. MOBNA – Foreign-Iranian operator MTN-IranCell has delayed in paying the government its annual franchise fee, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization deputy said.

“Second Operator has fulfilled its obligations to cover roads and cities according to its license but failed to fulfill its financial commitments and has since received a warning from RCRO,” Hasan Rezvani told Mobna news agency.
“According to the license, MTN-IranCell should have paid the government a franchise fee from its income but has delayed for the past two months,” he said.
“The operator’s reason for non-payment is lack of determination of interconnection fee with Telecommunication Company of Iran,” he added.
“Some negotiations have been made with Second Operator and it is planned that the amount is paid to the Treasury,” he said.
According to IranCell license, the operator should pay 20 percent of its revenue annually to the Treasury.
MTN-IranCell started operation four years ago and has now 12 million subscribers.