Iranian mobile news media review Monday Aug 31, 2009

Daily summary of Iran’s top mobile news for international viewer

• High-speed internet service at lower cost, Telecommunication Company of Iran managing director said.
Fars news agency, Sobh Eghtesad, Tehran Emrouz, Vatan Emrouz, Poul, Eghtesad Pouya and Jahan Eghtesad newspapers reported. 

• Disturbance in Mobile Company of Iran sms.
Fars news agency, Ebtekar, Afarinesh, Arman, Hayat No and Javan newspapers reported.

• Iranian-foreign operator MTN-IranCell’s inactive sim cards counted as subscribers, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization deputy said.
Mobna news agency, Donyay-e Eghtesad, Khorasan, Sarmayeh and Poul newspapers reported.

• Increase in Mobile Company of Iran postpaid sim card price due to of rise in demand.
Mobna news agency, Iran, Sarmayeh, Jahan Sanat and Javan newspapers reported.

• 40 percent of contract to produce 6 million mobile phone-line equipments fulfilled, Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Companies’ managing director said.
Mobna news agency, Sarmayeh, Sobh Eghtesad and Poul newspapers reported. 

• Persian Academy not to determine Persian equivalent for internet, Academy researcher said.
Mobna news agency, Khorasan, Abrar Eghtesadi and Sobh Eghtesad newspapers reported.

• Four out of six specialized labs assigned to universities and two to be assigned by 20 March 2010, head of ICT research center communication technology sector announced.
ISNA news agency, Sobh Eghtesad, Abrar Eghtesadi and Eghtesad Pouya newspapers reported.

• Despite established digital signature service many think it is a scanned signature.
Mehr news agency, Abrar Eghtesadi, Khorasan and Asrar newspapers reported.

• Mobile Company of Iran intends to hold a two-stage tender for four groups to send 100 million sms per month.
Mobna news agency, Donyay-e Eghtesad and Poul newspapers reported.

• Despite mobile market recession, its accessory market has been prospering, Namdaran Ertebatat managing director said.
Mobna news agency, Sarmayeh and Donyay-e Eghtesad newspapers reported.

• By use of current infrastructures information national network can be created to offer value-added services.
Mobna and Fars news agencies and Poul newspaper reported.

• Third Operator project can be implemented without foreign partner by use of domestic companies, Parliament telecommunication committee head said.
IRNA news agency and Keyhan newspaper reported.

• Post’s Hybrid service among Post Office new services.
SITNA news agency and Abrar Eghtesadi newspaper reported.

• Low demand for iPhone mobiles because of high price.
Mobna news agency and Donyay-e Eghtesad newspaper reported.

• New service based on NGN (next generation network) launched in Esfehan.
IRNA news agency reported.

• Telecommunication Company of Iran managing director denied increase in landline service fee and said fee had not changed since six years ago.
Young journalists club reported.

• Among new ICT minister’s main goals is connecting 67,000 villages to telecommunication network, Industrial Development and Renovation Organization head said.
Fars news agency reported.