6 laboratories assigned to universities this year

Tehran, Aug 30. MOBNA – Four out of six specialized labs have been assigned to universities and two will be assigned by 20 March 2010, head of ICT research center communication technology sector announced.

“One lab is being created at ICT research center,” Gholam-Reza Dadashzadeh said.
“The project to equip the labs will be outsourced by the end of this year and monitored by ICT research center and a private company,” he said.
“IPBX lab at Mashad’s Ferdowsi University, ICT security, environment and mechanical test lab at Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tousi University and wireless sensor network lab for UWB applications at Shiraz University are among assigned labs. Only radio equipments calibration lab remains to be assigned after completion,” he added.