Inactive sim cards counted among MTN-IranCell subscribers

Tehran, Aug 30. MOBNA – Iranian-foreign operator MTN-IranCell's inactive sim cards are counted as subscribers, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization deputy said.

“Some of MTN-IranCell released sim cards are inactive but are counted as subscribers’,” Hasan Rezvani told Mobna news agency.
“According to Second Operator license it may not draw more than 16 million subscribers and it has not requested RCRO to increase the quota,” he said.
“Second Operator has also to pay its government dues,” he added.
Rezvani had earlier said that MTN-IranCell had 12 million subscribers.
The operator, according to its license, may draw 16 million subscribers over 15 years.
Unofficial figures show that Second Operator has released 14.5 million sim cards but has only 6 million active subscribers.