Gaining backing depends on new proposed ICT minister programs

Tehran, Aug 25. MOBNA – Gaining MPs backing for the new candidate for ICT ministry will depend on the way he defends his programs, Parliament telecommunication committee said.

“Proposed program by Reza Taghipour and defending them, assuming the current ICT ministry structure, will affect MPs voting,” Ramezan-Ali Sadeghzadeh told Mobna news agency.
“MPs will pay attention to several main points when voting for the candidate. Among them are: new privatization law policies and ICT ministry operation in the new government, current communication infrastructures, high-speed internet and developing rural ICT offices,” he said.
“By the end of this week it will be possible to predict the new Cabinet’s formation,” he added.
The Iranian president has proposed the head of Iranian Aerospace Agency as candidate for Information and Communication Technology Ministry.