ITMC production line likely to restart

Tehran, Aug 22. MOBNA – ITMC mobile set production line likely will restart, managing director of Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Companies said.

”ITMC will continue its production if challenges are omitted,” Mohammad-Ebrahim Motalle’ told Mobna news agency.
”Omitting mobile set high import tariff and smuggling and offering facilities by Industries Ministry can help mobile set production,” he said.
”If proper situation to produce mobile set is not provided, ITMC likely will be an international brand agent to import mobile set,” he elaborated.
According to agreement between Industries Ministry and domestic companies such as ITMC and Emad Semi conductor
Company it was planned that by increasing mobile set import tariff, mobile set is produced domestically but this goal has not fulfilled.
Iran mobile phone market needs 15 million mobile sets annually but this demand is not supplied.