Iran has 23 million internet users: Data Co. managing director

Tehran, Aug 16. MOBNA – There were 23 million internet users in the first quarter of this Iranian year (beginning March 2009), Information Technology managing director said.

”Regarding internet users’ penetration rate, at the end of the Fourth Economic Development Plan (2005-2010) the index was expected to be 30 percent,” Saeed Mahdiun told Mobna news agency.
”Internet penetration rate in Iran has now reached 34.9 percent” he said.
”With this penetration rate, 116.33 percent of information technology sector’s goals in the Fourth Economic Development Plan has been reached,” he said.
”The expected situation at the end of the Plan was 45 percent for homes connected to the internet. By reaching 39.10 percent, 86.89 percent of this goal has been achieved,” Data Co. managing director said.    
The references are based on Radio Communication and Regulations Organization, Infrastructure Company, Telecommunication Company and Data Company.