With 10 percent mobile import tariff, Customs to gain 2.5 trillion rials annually

Tehran, July 11. MOBNA – Fitco's managing director believes that if current mobile import tariff were cut to 10 percent, Customs Administration would gain 2.5 trillion rials annually from its import.

Fitco is Motorola’s official agent in Iran.
“If mobile set import tariff were cut logically, Custom Administration’s earnings from the import would increase dramatically,” Nosratollah Sharifi told Mobna news agency.
“If the tariff was cut from 25 to 10 percent and all mobile sets entered the country through legal channels and their average price was 100 dollars, then Custom Administration would gain at least 2.5 trillion rials extra revenue annually whereas with the present tariff its annual income is 25 million dollars,” he said.
“97 percent of mobile market is currently filled with smuggled sets,” he added.