Tamin-Telecom ready to take part in Third Operator project

Tehran, July 7. MOBNA – A Tamin-Telecom official announced that they were ready to take part again in Third Operator project.

Tamin-Telecom and Emirates’ Etisalat had formed Tamin-Etisalat consortium which was selected as Third Operator tender winner. The consortium was rejected from the project on May 10 for not fulfilling its obligations in time.
“Tamin Telecom is prepared to fulfill all tender requirements,” the source, who did not wish to be named, told Mobna news agency. 
“If the tender is repeated, Tamin-Telecom will participate again and will have no problem in funding the project,” he reminded.
Radio Communication and Regulations Organization has officially announced that Zain-Iran consortium, as Third Operator tender runner-up, has been dismissed from the project.