Zain-Iran dismissal from Third Operator not official

Tehran, Jul 4. MOBNA – An informed source at Zain-Iran consortium said the consortium’s dismissal from mobile phone Third Operator has not yet been officially announced by Information and Communication Technology ministry.

The source, who did not wish to be named, told Mobna news agency that the ministry’s decision had only been quoted by some MPs and the ministry has not announced it officially.
A few days ago, on Jun 30, ICT minister announced at a meeting with Parliament industries and mines committee members that Zain-Iran consortium had been dismissed from Third Operator project for not declaring its readiness at due date and the project’s dossier had been returned to the Cabinet for revision.
A workgroup consisting of some MPs and representatives from ICT ministry is to be formed in near future to review the project or decide whether to repeat the tender.
Tamin-Etisalat consortium, the tender winner, was dismissed from the project on May 10 for not fulfilling its obligations in time.
It was to be replaced by the tender runner-up Zain-Iran consortium.