ICT ministry invites domestic consortia to participate in Third Operator

Tehran, July 1. MOBNA – The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has invited consortia of domestic companies and foreign consultants with financial ability to participate in Third Operator project, Parliament’s mines and industries spokesman said.

“Zain-Iran consortium has been dismissed from the project for not announcing its readiness in due date,” Ali-Asghar Yousefnejad told Mobna news agency.
“A workgroup is due to be formed of MPs and ICT ministry representatives to review the project and decide whether to repeat the tender,” he added.
Tamin-Etisalat consortium was selected as Third Operator tender winner on Jan 21 but was dismissed for failing to fulfill its commitments.
It had been planned that Third Operator would release its sim cards in the first half of current Iranian year (around end of Sep.) but seems far-fetched regarding delays in selecting the winner.