Third Operator fate decided in next three weeks

Tehran, June 30. MOBNA – A Zain-Iran consortium official said that the fate of Third Operator will be decided in the next three weeks.

“Iran’s current situation is one of the reasons for the delay in the selection of Third Operator tender winner”, an informed source told Mobna news agency.
“The consortium needs more time to study financial aspects of the project,” he said.
“It is in its final stages and the result will be known in next three weeks,” he added.
Tamin-Etisalat consortium was selected as Third Operator tender winner on Jan. 21 but ICT ministry dismissed it from the project for failing to fulfill its commitments.
It was planned that Third Operator would release its sim cards in the first half of this Iranian year (around end of Sep.) but it seems far-fetched regarding delays in selecting the winner.