Iranian mobile news media review Tuesday June 30, 2009

Daily summary of Iran’s top mobile news for international viewers

• Head of General Inspection Organization in reply to the question whether the organization had studied sms network disconnection said the question should be asked from ICT minister.
Mehr and ISNA news agencies, Afarinesh, Ghods, Sarmayeh, Etemad, Khorasan, Jahan Eghtesad, Arman, Aftab Yazd, Hadaf o Eghtesad, Jahan Sanat, Hezbollah, Asr Eghtesad, Eghtesad Pouya and Farhikhtegan newspapers reported.

• SMS network to be reactivated for Tehrani subscribers this week, Telecommunication Company of Iran official said.
ILNA news agency, Jomhouri, Donyay-e Eghtesad, Seday-e Edalat, Mardom Salari, Ebtekar, Aftab Yazd, Ghods, Arman, Hayat No, Zaman, Farhikhtegan, Abrar Eghtesadi, Poul and Etemad Melli newspapers reported.

• Information Technology and Digital Media Development Center has implemented electronic software registration act as of 2007.
ISNA news agency, Keyhan, Tafahom, Donyay-e Eghtesad, Asr Eghtesad, Khorasan, Sobh Eghtesad and Ebtekar newspapers reported.

• Optical fiber cable network environment support act decreed to Telecommunication Infrastructure Company.
ILNA, Mobna, Mehr and Fars news agencies, Etelaat, Khorasan, Donyay-e Eghtesad and Jahan Eghtesad newspapers reported.

• Mobile Company of Iran has international roaming link with 42 of 48 Asian countries.
Mobna news agency, Keyhan, Asr Eghtesad, Poul, Abrar Eghtesadi and Kaenat newspapers reported.

• After revision of current internet broadband and Telecommunication Company of Iran subscribers’ deposits, logical propositions will be offered, Parliament Research Center modern technologies office manager said.
ILNA news agency, Asr Eghtesad, Tehran Emrouz, Jahan Eghtesad, Poul and Jahan Sanat newspapers reported.

• Metro internet pilot project to be launched in Ghom in next two months, Information Technology’s infrastructure affairs office manager said.
ISNA news agency, Abrar Eghtesadi, Sobh Eghtesad, Abrar and Sarmayeh newspapers reported.

• 100,000 schools to be connected to national internet network by the end of next Iranian year (March 2011).
Mobna news agency, Asr Eghtesad, Abrar Eghtesadi and Poul newspapers reported.

• As there are more than 40 million mobile phone subscribers in Iran, knowing their fee is important to them.
Fars news agency, Arman, Etemad and Afarinesh newspapers reported.

• 2,065,000 people received their first phase Justice Share profit, Post Bank’s banking services offices headquarter head said.
Fars news agency, Ebtekar, Rah-e Mardom and Hayat No newspapers reported.

• At the same time as sms network disconnection, MMS (multimedia messaging) and GPRS (mobile internet) are also unavailable.
Mobna news agency, Donyay-e Eghtesad and Sobh Eghtesad newspapers reported.

• When NGN network is launched, video conferencing, videophone, transmission of voice, images and data will be possible via landline phone, Tehran Telecommunication Company managing director said.
ILNA news agency, Ebtekar and Zaman newspapers reported.

• Purchase of passive telecommunication equipments (equipments with electronic circuits) should not be done along with purchase of active equipments (those without electronic circuits), organizing council to support Telecommunication Company of Iran production announced.
ISNA news agency, Sobh Eghtesad and Poul newspapers reported.
• Comprehensive communication draft bill presented to Parliament needs many alterations, Parliament telecommunication committee head said.
Fars news agency, Tafahom and Hadaf o Eghtesad newspapers reported.
• Post Office license principles in its entirety reviewed at Radio Communication and Regulation Organization commission meeting.
ISNA news agency, Sarmayeh and Poul newspapers reported.

• All Markazi Province cities and 98 percent of its main roads under mobile phone network coverage, Markazi Province Telecommunication Company managing director said.
Jahan Eghtesad and Eghtesad Pouya newspapers reported. 

• Nanotechnology software library established, Iran Nanotechnology Society president said.
Mehr news agency, Ghods and Sarmayeh newspapers reported.

• Telecommunication Company of Iran website figures show mobile phone penetration rate rose from 43.20 percent in May 2008 to 43.18 percent. 
Mobna news agency and Donyay-e Eghtesad newspaper reported.

• Privatization Organization forms workgroup to oversee Post Office privatization, Post Office managing director announced.
Mobna news agency and Abrar Eghtesadi newspaper reported.

• 20 percent cut in internet tariff for universities and research institutes and centers, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company PR head said.
IRNA news agency and Poul newspaper reported.

• Tehran Municipality has made positive moves in site-sharing project, Mobile Company of Iran technical and engineering deputy said.
SITNA news agency and Jahan Sanat newspaper reported.

• Information Technology Fair at Kish Island Information Technology Tower, IT Tower manager said.
ISNA news agency and Tafahom newspaper reported.

• All Government ministries and agencies required to submit their IT goals to ICT ministry.
Fars news agency and Khorasan newspaper reported.
• Telecommunication Company of Iran shares, which were down in recent days, has gained a little and is now 1,424 rials per share.
Hamna website and Poul newspaper reported.

• PAP companies (high-speed internet providers) group committee has requested that PAP companies be informed of regulations which are to be submitted to provinces by Telecommunication Company of Iran in resolving their difficulties.
Mobna news agency reported.

• Mobile Company of Iran roaming link and rural wireless landline network in Mazandaran Province in near future, Mazandaran Province Telecommunication Company managing director said.
ILNA news agency reported.

• Limited sale of Taliya sim card at 100,000 rials (10 dollars) at some retail centers.
Hamna website reported.