PAP companies problems resolved in a year

Tehran, June 29. MOBNA – PAP companies (high-speed internet providers) group committee has requested that PAP companies be informed of regulations which are to be submitted to provinces by Telecommunication Company of Iran in resolving their problems.

“A meeting took place recently with TCI managing director, Information and Communication Technology parliamentary affairs deputy-minister and PAP companies representatives. At the meeting some proposals were made which later changed to agreements,” Abdolmajid Bidokhti-Nejad told Mobna news agency.
“It was decided that the agreement would be changed to operative regulations and to be decreed to provincial telecommunication companies as employers,” he said.
“As of that date we are uninformed of whether the agreement has been changed to regulation or not. According to agreements it was planned that operative regulations be announced to PAP companies,” he said. 
“The most important issue in this agreement was resolving PAP companies’ problems in Tehran. According to this agreement the problems will be resolved in less than two months,” he added.
”This regulation should be submitted to PAP companies’ group agents together with any amendments.