Market needs 23 million mobile sets every year: importer

Tehran, June 23. MOBNA – 23 million mobile sets need to be injected into market every year, managing director of Fitco, official distributor of Motorola mobile sets, announced.

“The average life of a mobile phone is 18 months, and in order to meet users’ demands, who change their set or buy new ones, the market needs 23 million sets annually,” Nasrollah Sharifi told MOBNA news agency.
“Of the required 23 million sets, 22 million are normally smuggled into the country,” he said.
“With the increase in smuggling, Government, authorized companies and users are the ultimate losers in this market of 46 million consumers,” he added.
“Only if the current 25 percent tariff on mobile import is cut logically will illegal imports come down, otherwise there will be no room for authorized companies to conduct business,” he continued.