Disagreement between MCI and TCI over share of landline and mobile sms proceedings

Tehran, June 22. MOBNA – Negotiation between Mobile Company of Iran and Telecommunication Company of Iran over their share of landline and mobile sms proceedings has not yet reached a conclusion, Tehran Province Telecommunication Company managing director said.

“The reason that landline to mobile sms has not been launched is mainly financial,” Mohammad Ruhollahi told Mobna news agency.
“The agreement will be signed after financial issues have been resolved between MCI and Tehran Telecommunication Company,” he added.
“Dividing the income is the most important part of the project. We have also negotiated with IranCell over the issue. Its subscribers will be able to send sms to landline phone when negotiation has reached a conclusion,” he added.  
So far, landline sms has been launched in Tehran and East Azerbaijan and figures show that some 3,500 subscribers use the service in Tehran.
The service is currently being offered in landline to landline form and, on the basis of Radio Communication and Regulations Organization commission tariff, it is 44.7 rials.
Tehrani landline phone subscribers on average send 600 landline sms messages per day.