Iranian mobile news media review Sunday June 21, 2009

Daily summary of Iran’s top mobile news for international viewers

• Figures on authorized mobile set import and annual demand for this consumer device show that mobile phone market is besieged by smugglers.
ISNA news agency, Fanavaran, Ghods, Ebekar, Zaman, Hadaf o Eghtesad, Asr Eghtesad, Aftab, Afarinesh, Etemad Melli, Farhang Ashti, Abrar Eghtesadi, Jahan Eghtesad, Seday-e Edalat and Tafahom newspapers reported.

• Facebook, the web’s most popular social networking service, has launched its trial version of Persian language support.
ISNA news agency, Donyay-e Eghtesad, Khorasan, Sarmayeh, TAfhom, Eghtesad Pouya, Jahan Sanat, Abrar Eghtesadi and Farhang Ashti newspapers reported. 

• Negotiation between Mobile Company of Iran and Telecommunication Company of Iran has not reached conclusion as how to divide the proceedings accrued from landline to mobile phone sms service and vice versa, Tehran Province Telecommunication Company managing director said.
Mobna news agency, Donyay-e Eghtesad, Abrar Eghtesadi, Poul and Sobh Eghtesad newspapers reported.  

• APA project (informing and supporting computer crime cases) will review issues surrounding the mobile phone, ICT Research Center head said.
Mobna news agency, Abrar Eghtesadi, Poul and Sobh Eghtesad newspapers reported. 

• Electronic ticket service for busses and Metro will be launched late September, Tehran Municipality ICT office managing director said.
ISNA news agency, Arbar Eghtesadi, Poul and Tafahom newspapers reported.   

• Internet users in Iran have topped 23 million.

Mobna news agency, Abrar Eghtesadi and Poul newspapers reported.

• Information and Communication Technology Ministry should take responsibility for widespread disconnections in internet, mobile phone and sms networks following Presidential Election.
ILNA news agency, Seday-e Edalat and Hayat No newspapers reported.
• An Iranian game portal will be launched by the end of this Iranian year (March 2010), Soroush Resaneh company official said.
Mobna news agency and Abrar Eghtesadi newspaper reported. 

• Mobile phone valid and official warrantees announced.
Mobna news agency and Jahan Sanat newspaper reported.

• Managing director of Citadel Telecom, official distributor of Sony Ericsson mobile sets in Iran, said its market has faced recession in recent days.
Mobna news agency and Donyay-e Eghtesad newspaper reported.

• Iran ranks low in world information technology.
ILNA news agency and Sobh Eghtesad newspaper reported.

• Mobile market insiders predicted the sim card market would flourish after Presidential Election period. Mobna news agency reported.
• A free website belonging to a rival of IranCell window has been launched. Chahar Nasl Amvaj company managing director said all mobile phone software could be downloaded from / website.
Mobna news agency reported.

• Pars MicroTel sales manager said Samsung mobile sets would have code 3 for their distribution in Middle East countries.
Mobna news agency reported. 

• More than 70 percent of university students believed it was necessary that Government intervened in university internet development, a poll showed.
IRNA news agency reported. 

• The comprehensive communication draft bill presented to Parliament needed extensive alterations, its head of telecommunication committee said.
Moj news agency reported.

• The first festival of mobile phone camera films of the Presidential Election is to be held in Kermanshah Province.
Moj news agency reported.