Around 3,500 subscribers use landline sms service

Tehran, June 20. MOBNA – Around 3,500 landline subscribers use landline sms service, Tehran Province Telecommunication Company's managing director said.

“These subscribers have registered to use landline sms service. They will be able to use the service via the internet without a need to change their landline telephone set,” Mohammad Rouhollahi told MOBNA news agency.
“Simulation software has been launched in Tehran and East Azerbaijan provinces which allow subscribers to send and receive landline sms,” he said.
At present, subscribers may only send sms from a landline to another landline phone. According to Radio Communication and Regulations Organization, sms tariff on landline to landline is one pulse, equivalent of 44.7 rials, and for inter-cities it counts as two pulses.
On average, Tehrani subscribers send 600 landline sms daily.
Subscribers can use the service by dialing 971700.