Chinese companies to perform Espadan Wimax project

Tehran, June 20. MOBNA – Chinese companies will perform Esfehan province operator Espadan Wimax project, Espadan managing director said.

“Espadan is selecting contractors to install Wimax (high-speed wireless internet) service equipments and they should be Iranian,” Shahram Setayeshi told MOBNA news agency.
“The equipment orders to Chinese companies will last around three months and Espadan has until Dec 21 to provide its Wimax service and should offer it to 20,000 subscribers over a six-year period,” he said. 
“Wimax is a new technology and networks which provide the service are quite limited.
Currently Chinese companies have welcomed the project and are ready to install and launch the service in Iran,” he continued. 
“A network which can support Wimax country-wide is very limited,” he added.
Four operators have license to offer Wimax service including MobinNet, IranCell, Espadan and Rayaneh Danesh.