Shiraz and Science and Technology universities join APA project

Tehran, June 17. MOBNA –Universities of Science and Technology and Shiraz are to join APA project, head of Telecommunication Research Center said.

“APA project is currently under review by seven universities. After Universities of Science and Technology and Shiraz have joined, the mobile phone issue will be added to the issues surrounding the project,” Abbas Zarifkar told Mobna news agency.
“Since the project was the first of its kind, in the first phase we started with seven universities in order to evaluate its capabilities,” he said.
“A year after the project has been in operation, new capabilities have been recognized by scientific board members and students and 250 experts are now working on the subject,” he added.
“The development in APA project at universities should also lead to its development in mobile phone sector,” he continued.
APA project first started a year ago at universities of Amir Kabir, Imam Hussein, Isfahan Industrial, Sharif Industrial, Mashad Ferdousi, Yazd and Tarbiat Modarres and has now passed its first phase.