Iranian mobile news media review Wednesday June 17, 2009

Daily summary of Iran’s top mobile news for international viewers

• Some auditors have not handed over provinces operation reports upon which previous Iranian year financial reports will be compiled, Telecommunication Company of Iran managing director said.
ISNA news agency, Hamshahri, Jahan Eghtesad, Fanavaran, Javan, Etemad, Sarmayeh, Tehran Emrouz, Poul, Jahan Sanat, Eghtesad Pouya, Afarinesh, Gosteresh and Sobh Eghtesad newspapers reported.

• Broadband access can be developed once cyberspace security is ensured, Information and Telecommunication Technology Ministry’s research deputy said.
Mehr news agency, Hamshahri, Khorasan, Tafahom, Abrar Eghtesadi, Fanavaran, Eghtesad Pouya, Andishe No, Farhang Ashti and Sobh Eghtesad newspapers reported.  

• Telecommunication Company of Iran block shares offered soon, Bourse president announced.
Fars news agency, Iran, Zaman, Javan, Tehran Emrouz, Siyasat Rouz and Hadaf o Eghtesad newspapers reported.  

• Government organizations should assume implementing information and telecommunication technology in their Fifth Development Plan tasks, Information and Telecommunication Technology Deputy-minister announced.
ISNA, Iscanews, ILNA and Mobna news agencies, Sobh Eghtesad, Abrar Eghtesadi, Poul and Andisheh No newspapers reported.  

• The choice of Wimax equipment providers rests with mobile phone operators alone and Radio Communication and Regulations Organization has no say in the matter, RCRO deputy said.
Fars news agency, Iran, Donyay-e Eghtesad, Etelaat and Poul newspapers reported.

• Implementation of Virtual Trade Window project depends on providing telecommunication infrastructure and network hardware and software facilities, Customs Administration’s programs and plans deputy said.
ISNA news agency, Abrar Eghtesadi, Poul, Jahan Eghtesad and Fanavaran newspapers reported.  

• Mobile Company of Iran imports most of its sim card main parts (chips) from France and China, Telecommunication Company of Iran chief said.
Mobna news agency, Iran, Abrar Eghtesadi and Poul newspapers reported.

• Rural GSM and some provincial technical and telecommunication issues are among questions which Information and Telecommunication Technology Minister should answer in Parliament.
ILNA news agency, Etemad and Etemad Melli newspapers reported.

• Iran Computer guild union issued statement on widespread losses due to recent internet disorders and urged authorities to prevent further damages.
Mobna and ILNA news agencies, Sobh Eghtesad and Khorasan newspapers reported.

• Iran’s optical fiber network has reached 3,350 km, of which 2,250 km has been laid during ninth Government, Hamedan Province Telecommunication Company managing director said.
Zaman and Tafahom newspapers reported.   

• Rural brokers’ insurance not affected by Telecommunication Company of Iran share prices, TCI managing director said.
Mobna news agency and Abrar Eghtesadi newspaper reported. 

• Cyber Crimes bill approved by Guardian Council.
Mehr and Fars news agencies and Khorasan newspaper reported.

• Operators should resolve their ownership issues before site sharing, Mobile Company of Iran engineering and technical deputy said.
SITNA news agency and Sobh Eghtesad newspaper reported.

• Interconnection issue between Telecommunication Company of Iran and IranCell only resolved after mutual agreement, TCI managing director said.
ISNA news agency and Etelaat Asr newspaper reported.

• Demand for Mobile Company of Iran prepaid sim cards on the increase, market insiders.
Mobna news agency and Sarmayeh newspaper reported.

• Design and implementation of Wimax, SAP and PAP data transfer remote control in progress, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization information technology services control office manager.
ISNA news agency reported.

• With present market recession, prices of LG mobiles with official warranties have decreased for the second time in a month.
Mobna news agency reported.