Iranian mobile news media review Tuesday June 16, 2009

Daily summary of Iran’s top mobile news for international viewers

• Landline coverage in all villages completed in second year of 10th government, Information and Communication Technology Ministry said.
Mehr news agency, Iran, Jam-e Jam, Zaman, Ebtekar, Hadaf o Eghtesad, Eghtesad Pouya, Jahan Eghtesad, Hezbollah and Rah-e Mardom newspapers reported. 
• With the current sms network disconnections in Iran, all operators and content providers are faced with billion-rial losses.
Mobna news agency, Poul, Sarmayeh, Javan, Donyay-e Eghtesad and Khorasan newspapers reported.

• Long-distance health service offered in patient’s home, University Jihad’s Tehran branch medical faculty IT department board member said.
ISNA news agency, Fanavaran, Donyay-e Eghtesad, Eghtesad Pouya, Abrar Eghtesadi and Poul newspapers reported.

• National data center set up 45 days after final negotiations, head of Iran Telecommunication Research Center.
Mobna news agency, Fanavaran, Abrar Eghtesadi, Poul and Sarmayeh newspapers reported. 
• Regulations by Information Technology Guideline Council to be implemented.
Hamshahri, Khabar and Siyasat Rouz newspapers reported.

• Radio Communication and Regulations Organization employees’ salaries paid according to Interior Services Management act, RCRO official said.

• 25 percent import tariff on mobile set needs revision, Electronic Devices and Accessories Vendors union head said.
Mobna news agency, Abrar Eghtesadi and Poul newspapers reported.
• Major vendors like Huawei and Ericsson designed RFB of Iran’s NGN (next generation network).
SITNA news agency, Abrar Eghtesadi and Poul newspapers reported.
• A court branch established to deal with cyber crimes.
SITNA news agency and Abrar Eghtesadi newspaper reported.
• Landline and mobile phone networks merged after NGN (next generation network) has been launched, Telecommunication Company of Iran chairman of board of directors said.
Mona news agency and Kar o Karegar newspaper reported.
• Interconnection issue between Telecommunication Company of Iran and IranCell only resolved after mutual agreement, TCI managing director said.
ISNA news agency and Etelaat newspaper reported.

• We still have no acceptable standards on NGN (next generation network), Telecommunication Company of Iran chairman of board of directors said, pointing to NGN international training workshop being held in collaboration with ITU and Iran research center.
Fanavaran newspaper reported.

• Information and Communication Technology Minister to appear in Parliament on 6 June to answer some MPs queries.
Mobna news agency reported.

• Parliament to be equipped with latest communication technologies.
IRNA news agency reported.