Iran moves up four steps in ITU list

Tehran, Jun 15. MOBNA – Iran’s position in International Telecommunication Union has risen 4 points from 92 to 88, Telecommunication Company of Iran chief announced.

“The position of communication in the country and its effect on social, cultural and economic developments should be a high priority,” Naser Yousefpour said at an NGN workshop this morning.
“The current gap that exists between information and its application is the reasons for the delay in NGN (next generation network) pilot tests,” he said.
“Value added and new services should be considered in future TCI programs,” he added.
“In NGN, services should be provided through an infrastructure so that they can address people’s needs and this should be the intermediate goal of TCI,” he continued.
“Setting standards on the use of NGN and its services is vital,” he said.
“ITU has so far set up 17 workshops and this workshop is the second in six months,”