Virtual offices launched in Shiraz E-tower: tower official

Tehran, June 13. MOBNA – Virtual offices have been launched in Shiraz E-tower, E-tower managing director announced.

“By allocating a private mobile phone number to each company, they are now able to receive fax and voice messages and also use automatic answering machines without a need for a secretary,” Mojtaba Jebraeeli told Mobna news agency.
“Such companies can take turns in using offices of Shiraz E-tower several days a month and every time of the day,” he continued.
“Virtual offices provide the opportunity for companies to have an independent office without any limitation on space and location,” he added.
“Shiraz E-tower has dedicated 5,000 landline numbers to virtual offices,” he said.
He had earlier announced the launch of a branch of the world’s third virtual university called “U21Global” in Shiraz E-tower.
Shiraz electronic tower, as Iran’s first e-tower, was launched last month with a 160-billion-rial fund with the aim of developing information technology infrastructure projects in Iran.