Domestic mobile set production continues

Tehran, June 9. MOBNA – Domestic mobile set production continues a domestic manufacturer Emad semi conductor company managing director said.

Emad Semi Conductor Company offers Hyundai mobile sets in Iran which inked contract with the industries ministry in 2006 to produce two million mobile sets annually.
“Regarding the current situation in the Iranian mobile phone market domestic manufacturers only produce mobile sets with low amount,” Hamid-Reza Monji told Iran’s mobile news agency (MOBNA).
“Domestic mobile set manufacturers’ activity will increase only if mobile set smuggling is confronted with strictly,” he added.
“Because of increasing mobile set smuggling with well-known brands and their cheapness, customers’ tendency to buy smuggled mobile sets has increased,” he elaborated.
“Currently because of budget shortcoming vast advertisement in domestic made mobile set cognition can not be done since advertisement expense is not possible for producers,” he said.