Melli Bank – MCI session on mobile payment

Tehran, Jun 7. MOBNA – Melli Bank and Mobile Company of Iran are in final agreement over a mobile payment system, the bank’s director of informatics announced.

“The initial works have been done and the required equipments have been purchased,” Taghi Chehroudi told Iran’s mobile news agency (Mobna).
He said the system’s final tests would be carried out on few MCI sim cards in the next fortnight but eventually all MCI sim cards would be able to support the system.
A trilateral agreement between MCI, Sheriff University and Melli Bank is being signed for the provision of the service.
Earlier, Vahid Sadoughi, managing director of Telecommunication Company of Iran had announced that the service would be even more popular than Voice in the country, to the extent that, in some quarters, there talks of ‘mobile government’ instead of ‘electronic government.
In most countries, mobile phone has become a major tool in financial and fiscal transactions.