Iranian mobile News Media Review Sunday 7 June 2009

Daily summary of Iran’s top Mobile news for the international viewers

• Telecommunication Infrastructure Company denied the rumor that internet will be disconnected on Presidential Election Day.
ISNA, Mehr and Mobna news agencies, Jahan Eghtesad and 13 newspapers reported.

• 1818 operator system will face with problem in order to upgrade system and convergence information as of 5 June, Tehran Telecommunication Company PR announced. 
Mobna and ISNA news agencieis, Etelaat and three other newspapers reported.

• According to Irancell figures, about 50,000 unknown Irancell sim cards were disconnected, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization official said.
Mobna news agency, Iran and five other newspapers reported.   

• In order to offer post bank shares in Bourse Company, at first new statute should be approved as a joint venture company, Iran post bank managing board member said.
IRNA news agency, Hamshahri and seven other newspapers reported.

• portal management responsibility has been transferred to Information Technology company managing director. It is predicted that by coming month the portal is implemented, IT company managing director said.
Mehr news agency and four newspapers reported.   

• Installing infrastructures of three million high speed internet ports has started in 30 provinces, Telecommunication Company of Iran information technology deputy said.
Fars news agency and two newspapers reported.

• Taliya decreased its sim cards price up to 70,000 rials, Taliya announced.
Fanavaran and Sarmayeh newspapers reported.

• 70 percent of Telecommunication Company should be sold off by 21 June, TCI PR head announced.
IRNA news agency and Fanavaran newspaper reported.

• Telecommunication Company of Iran will not have any role in Privatization Organization international marketing to sell off TCI share, TCI managing director said.
Mobna news agency reported. 

• Esfahan Telecommunication Company was allowed to offer high speed internet via ADSL port, Esfahan Telecommunication Company managing director said.
IRNA news agency reported. 

• Speech translation software was welcomed by experts and managers regarding its usage.
SITNA news agency reported.