IranCell’s frequency interference in Bushehr sorted out

Tehran, Jun 1, MOBNA – Radio Communication and Regulations Organization’s director of radio services surveillance said the interference caused by IranCell’s GSM 1800 systems on active DECT systems in Bushehr has been removed.

“Following reports that IranCell’s GSM 1800 systems were causing interference on active DECT systems in the city, several meetings were held between representatives of Telecommunication Company of Iran, Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research, RCRO, Fars and Bushehr Telecom companies, IranCell and manufacturers of DECT equipments, and DECT systems were found to be the cause of interference and was duly sorted out,” Gorshasb Jamshid-Nejad announced.
He said similar interferences have been reported in Neishabour, Toos, Broujerd and Malayer and are being studied.