Taliya new trade plan offered to TCI: TCI official

Tehran, June 3. MOBNA – Taliya new trade plan has been offered to Telecommunication Company of Iran and is being studied by TCI managing board, TCI managing director said.

“Taliya foreign investment has not been finalized yet. When studies are finished Taliya foreign investment will be determined,” Saber Feizi told Iran’s mobile news agency.
“Studying Taliya trade plan is a complicate and technical task. When the studies will be finished is not cleared, maybe it does not get result by the end of Ahmadinejad government,” Feizi said.
“Taliya foreign investment will be decided when Taliya trade plan is determined,” TCI managing director said.
“According to new Taliya trade plan Taliya will be allowed to develop its network,” he said.
Taliya independent network has one million subscribers and covers all provinces capitals and metropolitan cities.