Sony-Erickson prices down

Tehran, June 2. MOBNA – The prices of Sony-Erickson mobiles with Citadel-Telecom warranties have plunged by as much as 600,000 rials since last week.

The furthest cut has been that of C905 model with 600,000 rials which was previously sold at 4,610,000 rials.
Another popular model, W595, is now sold 90,000 rials less at 2, 060,000 rials.
Models T700, W910 and K810 also had a 50,000-rial price cut each and are now sold at 1,640,000, 1,930,000 and 1,860,000 rials respectively.
Models C902, W595, K770 and K850 have each had a 100,000-rial price cut. They were previously sold at 1,400, 2,060, 5,290 and 2,660 thousand rials respectively.
Mobile market retailers expect Sony-Erickson mobile prices to fall even further in coming weeks.