All justice courts to be electronic in a month

Tehran, May 26. MOBNA – 6,000 justice branches will be mechanized in a month, Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran information technology and statistics office manager said.

“CMS software has been installed and launched in most courts of justice to manage justice files. By supplying telecommunication infrastructures in a month all branches will have this software,” Bardia Sadr-Noori told Iran’s mobile news agency (MOBNA).
“85 percent of justice files have been covered by this system, so courts will be electronic in a month,” he said.
“Justice File management software, will mechanizes all steps of files and offer electronic services to clients,” he added.
“People can refer to Iran Judge organization portal and to follow their files. Also decrees information will be announced via sms and email automatically,” he continued.
“More than 50 percent of people refer to justice courts in order to be informed of their files,” he said.