First International Conference on Electronic Training in Iran

Tehran, June 2. MOBNA – Fourth National Conference and First International Conference on Electronic Training will be held alternatively on 9-10 Dec. and 10-11 Dec. 2009 in Iran University of Science and Technology.

“We have asked many professors and governmental and private sectors managers to offer their opinions for conference goals and its performing form,” Conference manager Naser Mozayyeni said.
“Electronic training is necessary for information society and is assumed as effective tools to empower citizens in electronic cities,” he IUST electronic training center head said.
“The conference aims to introduce training centers and governmental and private organizations’ achievements and successful experiences in addition to offer theoretical principles and scientific discoveries,” he added.
“Also electronic training conference has expand programs to attract individuals and companies cooperation and by holding training workshops and different contests in electronic contents tries to make proper demeanor and to expand electronic training,” he continued.
“Interested parties can send articles and electronic contents as of 22 June to 22 Oct.,” he said.