Problem of extra money received by treasury from TCI account solved: TCI official

Tehran, June 2. MOBNA – The problem of extra money received by treasury from Telecommunication account which was 2.2 trillion rials was solved, Telecommunication Company of Iran managing director said.

“This Amount has not been refunded still, but it is planned to be refunded as TCI debts to Iran treasury,” Saber Feizi told Iran’s mobile news agency (MOBNA).
He said that TCI has some debts to treasury which via this way it will be offset. 
Iran treasury has received 2.2 trillion rials extra money regarding 40 percent profit of TCI 2007 fiscal year.
Earlier Privatization Organization and bourse officials were followed this issue, in other hand TCI has sent a letter to treasury to perform minister order and refund 2.2 trillion rials extra received money.