Presidential campaign via sms did not affect mobile phone network: TCI official

Tehran, 1 June. MOBNA – Presidential election campaign via sms has not had any effect on mobile phone network traffic, Telecommunication Company of Iran PR chief manager said.

“The probability of using mass campaigning sms is high in last days of election campaign. Sending mass campaigning sms obeys interior ministry law,” Davood Zareian told Iran’s mobile news agency (MOBNA).

“So far we have not witnessed mass campaigning sms and sms advocating for a candidate has only been sent spot to spot,” he continued. 
“Each sms operator has license for advertisement. TCI has outlined regulations to these operators to offer content,” he said.
“Sms operators can not operate directly in presidential election campaign, but they can handed over it to subsidiary CPs (content providers),” Zareian said.