No agreement to send landline sms to mobile phone: Tehran TCI official

Tehran, May 26. MOBNA – Tehran Telecommunication Company has not agreed with state-owned Mobile Company of Iran to send sms from landline to mobile phone, the company managing director said.

 “Radio Communication and Regulations Organization only decides about the service’s final fee and operators are obliged to determine their revenue share via negotiation,” he added.
“Technical tests of sending sms from landline to mobile phone have been done in cooperation with MCI. The date to launch landline sms to mobile phone and mobile phone to landline is not determined,” he said.  
Landline to landline sms system has been launched in Tehran in previous Iranian year. Landline subscribers in Tehran can send sms to another landline subscriber in Tehran provided that he has sms equipped phone.  
In this way subscriber at first should dial 9717000 and save it and then such as mobile phone type the text and send it.
Tehran has 6,100,000 landline subscribers and 10 million mobile phone subscribers.