Irancell is responsible for prank calls from its unknown sim cards: RCRO deputy

Tehran, May 31. MOBNA – If Irancell unknown sim cards subscribers make prank calls, the operator is responsible, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization deputy said.

“RCRO is studying the registered sim cards list that Irancell has handed over,” Hasan Rezvani told Iran’s mobile news agency (MOBNA).  
“This list will be approved provided that the accuracy of information in different provinces is confirmed,” he said.
“RCRO has announced provinces to inform prank calls which are made via Irancell unknown sim cards,” he added.
“As of now Irancell sim cards will only be activated after ownership registration is done and then they can receive calls,” he has said earlier.
Earlier Irancell unknown sim cards had one-way connection but regulatory body of Telecommunication ministry has told the operator that unknown sim cards should not be even one-way until they are registered.
Also RCRO has announced the operator that it should not register its subscribers via phone and registration should be by person.