Domestic mobile manufacturers to produce a common brand

Tehran, May 30. MOBNA – If current negotiation between domestic mobile manufactures and some of major world brands comes to an agreement then all domestic mobile manufacturers would start producing one common brand, Emad Semiconductors managing director announced.

Hamid-Reza Monji also told Iran’s mobile news agency (Mobna) that his company was under contract to Hyundai to assemble their brand in the country and was exempted from joining other domestic mobile manufacturers in that scheme.
He said, however, that the scheme would only be successful if there was a serious crackdown on mobile smuggling.
He said if the scheme was funded adequately then domestic mobile manufacturers could easily produce mobile sets in large numbers.
Emad Semiconductors signed a contract in 2006 with the Ministry of Industries and Mines to annually assemble up to 2m Hyundai mobile sets.