Devoting 2.5 trillion loan to ICT field under study: IDRO deputy

Tehran, May 31. MOBNA – Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran studied ICT research projects in order to allocate some part of 2.5 trillion rials loan, IDRO advanced industries development deputy said.

“In current situation the allocated budget to ICT (information and communication technology) research projects is not determined. The budget will be determined with studying these projects,” Ramezan-Ali Sadegh-Zadeh told Iran’s mobile news agency (MOBNA).
“All projects and practical ideas based on high-tech (high technology) technologies includes IT, ICT, micro electronic, advanced materials, nanotechnology and bio technology and medicine industries in cooperation with universities research deputies and other research centers will be protected by Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran,” he said.
“Devoting 2.5 trillion rials loan has with three separate mechanisms. First is changing idea to lab model or pilot which in this stage our supports are gratuitous. Second stage is changing lab model to semi industrial model. In this stage industrial models should be produced from idea and receive necessary licenses and standards. In this stage supports will be as long term loans,” he added.
“Third stage is changing semi industrial model to mass industrial production. In this stage IDRO will cooperate as developing organization with private sector and will support 51 percent of necessary loans,” he continued.