Iranian mobile News Media Review Wednesday 27 May 2009

Daily summary of Iran’s top Mobile news for the international viewers

• The website, which was filtered by Government on May 23, has become available again from 12pm on Tuesday.
Mobna news agency and nine newspapers reported.

• Radio Communication and Regulations Organization in this Iranian year will make 10.4 trillion rials revenue for government, a RCRO official said.
ISNA news agency and five newspapers reported.

• Use of DECT wireless phone with 100 miliwatt signal power is free, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization official said.
Mobna and ISNA news agencies and four newspapers reported.

• 6,000 justice branches will be mechanized in a month, Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran information technology and statistics office manager said. 
Mobna news agency, Iran and three other newspapers reported.

• Parliament members revised cyber crimes bill which Guardian Council objected to it.
ISNA news agency and four newspapers reported. 

• Tehran Telecommunication Company has not agreed with state-owned Mobile Company of Iran to send sms from landline to mobile phone, the company managing director said.
Mobna news agency and three newspapers reported.

• Melli bank electronic banking comprehensive program will be set in next four years, Melli bank managing director said.
Mehr news agency and three newspapers reported. 

• Receiving bank guarantee from Communication Services Bureaus has been cancelled, Tehran Communication Services Bureaus union guild managing board head said.
Mobna news agency, Iran and Poul newspapers reported.

• Government should take responsibility in sorting out the problems that currently afflict the mobile market.
Mobna news agency and two newspapers reported.

• Communication services SLA (service levek agreement) regulations has been prepared about three years ago, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company data network official said.
ISNA news agency and two newspapers reported. 

• ICT (information and communication technology) comprehensive bill likely will be offered to parliament after presidential election, telecommunication committee head said.
Fars news agency and two newspapers reported. 

• State-owned Mobile Company of Iran disconnecting way of its prepaid sim cards has not changed and MCI latest sms was sent in order to informsubscriebrs, MCI official said.
IRNA news agency, Tehran Emrouz and Kar o Keregar newspapers reported.

• The problems with PAP companies (high speed internet providers) have not been solved yet. According to latest negotiations PAP companies agreed to change their operation way, Telecommunication managing director said.
Mehr news agency and two newspapers reported.

• From now on IranCell sim card owners may register only in person and not by phone, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization deputy announced.
Mobna news agency and Jahan Sanat newspaper reported.

• Internet SLA (service level agreement) regulations was approved in Radio Communication and Regulations Organization.
Mobna news agency and Sarmaye newspaper reported.

• Sim card market sources speak of a rise in demand for new and second-hand Mobile Company of Iran codes 1 and 2 sim cards.
Mobna news agency and Asr Eghtesad newspaper reported.

• Telecommunication indexes increased during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad government, Iran Telecommunication Company managing director said.
IRNA news agency reported. 

• Second international conference of electronic official system will be held in Tehran on 25 June – 26 June.
Mobna news agency reported. 

• Although two years have passed since launching domestic mobile set assembling line these mobile sets do not appear in Tehran market as most big consumer market.
Mobna news agency reported.