Preliminary results of internet users` census to be announced in a month

Tehran, May 25. MOBNA –Internet users census preliminary results will be announced by 21 June, Information Technology company development and Study chief manager said.

“The census questionnaires results is being processed,” Hadi Malek-Parast told Irans mobile news agency (MOBNA)
“Since the results are scientific and credible, the information gained from questionnaires is processed according to international standards,” he continued.
“Internet penetration rate will be calculated according to special indexes and determining statistical samples,” he continued.
“Implementing internet census repeatedly is not possible because it is vast and time consuming. So by use of this formula one can gain internet penetration rate scientifically,” Malek-Parast said.
Internet Users census was carried out by Information Technology Company in cooperation with Statistic Center of Iran and aims to achieve Internet Management and Development center goals.
Internet Users census project if determines Iran actual internet penetration rate can help to attract foreign investment and Iran position in world ranking.