Most mobile sets in market are Chinese made

Tehran, May 25. MOBNA – Most mobile sets in Iran market are Chinese made, Namdaran Ertebatat Hamrah mobile set accessories distributor managing director said.

“All mobile sets which enter Iran with famous brands illegally are Chinese made,” Pedram Ilikayee told Irans mobile news agency (MOBNA).
“Mobile sets with brands such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and iPhone which enter via illegal means are made for China market and lack the quality of original ones,” he added.
“Unfortunately because of lack of surveillance and confront with this case, ultimate losers are importer companies,” he said.
“25 percent tariff of mobile set import rate is useful for smugglers, since so far they can own 90 percent of mobile phone market share,” Ilikayee said.
He believes that most importers release limited amount of mobile sets in market.