IranCell sim card owners cannot register by phone

Tehran, May 25. MOBNA – From now on IranCell sim card owners may register only in person and not by phone, Radio Communication and Regulations Organization deputy announced.

“Registration by phone increases the risk that the data are incorrect or fabricated, and for that reason RCRO has demanded IranCell sim card owners to register in person,” Hassan Rezvani told Irans mobile news agency (Mobna).
“The operator will be held accountable if for some reason the owner’s data turn out to be unauthentic,” he added.
Before such measure, the sale of IranCell prepaid sim cards with little or no information on the owner was reminiscent of the days when there were no ID-caller displays on the equipment and phone harassment was widespread.
Following RCRO’s ultimatum to the operator in adapting the new policy, IranCell now claims that all its prepaid sim card owners are fully registered with the company.