Third operator heavy shadow on Communication and Child year

Tehran, May 24. MOBNA – Dismissing Etisalat from Iran third mobile phone operator project like other issues will be forgotten, but it could impose its heavy shadow on the Communication and Child year.

Less than four months after Etisalat was declared winner of Iran’s mobile phone third nation wide mobile operator tender, it appeared unable to pay its license fee and was therefore removed from the project, Mobile monthly magazine reports.
We have not forgotten this repeating story about four years before in second operator tender and the dismissal of Turkcell from the tender with such reason.
If you have followed previous volume of Mobile magazine, it had reported about the probability of omitting Etisalat.
Mobile magazine (Telephone Hamrah) in line with bilingual ICT website MOBNA as of two years before has insisted on paying attention to children and adolescences (under 18 years old).
ITU (international telecommunication union) now has insisted on Child and Internet.
However Etisalat will be forgotten like Turkcell was sooner or later. But a glance to published news in recent days show that unfortunately Communication and Child year has been neglected in Iran and instead of it some issues such as third operator winner has spread every where.
 We should not forget that our children are future maker and the loss due to lack of attention to them is dramatically more than a foreign investor exit. This loss is not forgivable.