ITMC to offer five new mobile sets: ITMC official

Tehran, May 24. MOBNA – Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Companies will offer five new mobile set models with ITMC brand, ITMC managing director said.

“When these models are successfully tested they will be released in market,” Ebrahim Motalle told Irans mobile news agency (MOBNA).
“Since manufacturing domestic mobile sets is a slow process, the company intends to offer different models regarding market need,” he added.
“Currently all ITMC mobile sets are in market but since healthy portion of market share is saturated with the well-known mobile set brands, ITMC mobile sets are not seen in stores windows,” he continued.
“Brands such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson own huge share of Iran mobile phone market therefore domestic made mobile sets are not welcomed well,” he said.
ITMC is one of three companies which had contract with industries ministry to produce mobile set in Iran. They were committed to produce six million mobile sets in market. But so far they could only release 200,000 mobile sets in market.