Arabs set eyes on Taliya – Telefon-e Hamrah monthly

Tehran, May 24. MOBNA – The fiftieth issue of Telefon-e Hamrah Magazine reports on an Arab mission visiting Iran to have talks on partnership in the Taliya prepaid sim card project.

The magazine also deals with issues ranging from mobile phone third operator project’s chain of events, last month’s mobile phone news, mobile phone’s harmful effects on children, move towards modifying our consumption patterns, and Nokia will withstand Iranian market.
Other titles include a survey of Iraqi mobile phone operators and latest mobile phone software.
The ten world best-seller mobile sets in March, 2009 and 3 ideal sets for managers have also been introduced.
The magazine is published by Negin Rasaneh-e Mihan news agency in 100 glossy pages at 15,000 rials and is available at most newspaper stands countrywide.