Government change not to interfere with TCI investigation: an MP

Tehran, May 23. MOBNA – Chang in the government will not influence Telecommunication Company of Iran investigation committee`s activity, Parliament Telecommunication committee head said.

Presidential election is held on June 12 in Iran.
“We are evaluating the TCIs activities in a specific period,” Ali Motahari told Irans mobile news agency (MOBNA).

“Telecommunication investigation process continues. The investigation project takes time and the announcement of the final results has not been fixed,” he added.
TCI investigation follows 14 issues.
The expenses studies, telecommunication research center operation, implementing projects and expenses in annual budget, landline and mobile phone service ultimate fee and implementing it in telecommunication companies annual budget, holding tenders and auctions in last four years and contractors due payment, TCI programs achievement in Fourth Development Plan (2005-2010) and selling mobile phone and landline links to individuals and companies out of law are among the investigation focuses.