The proposition to fix guild tax: electronic device union head

Tehran, May 22. MOBNA – Tehran electronic devices vendors union has offered a written proposition to Iran Tax System Administration in order to fix guilds tax, the union head said.

“Fixing guilds tax proposition was offered in guilds overall council,” Ebrahim Dorosti told Irans mobile news agency (MOBNA).
“With increasing guilds tax all importing companies will lose, since because of expanding smuggling and world economic crisis we have seen decreasing prices dramatically,” he said.
“This increase in tax floats between 12 to 25 percent. Regarding economic crisis this amount does not seem logical,” he added.
Earlier guilds council head had said that guilds tax amount in this Iranian year (beginning 20 March 2009) is being studied.
“Regarding increasing tax 20 percent every year and bankrupt of some guilds in previous Iranian year, guilds asked Iran Ministry of Economic Affairs And Finance not to increase tax,” Ghasem Nodeh Farahani said.