RCRO is responsible to audit internet providers` violations

Tehran, May 21. MOBNA – Radio Communication and Regulations Organization is responsible to control internet provider companies` services, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company of Iran official said.

“There is a section in RCRO which is responsible to audit internet service quality offered by internet providers. If internet users have complaint they can refer to RCRO,” Telecommunication Infrastructure Company datanetwrok official Esmaeel Radkani said.
“For example if a company buys a STM1 link from ITIC and can not use all of the purchased capacities, it will be held responsible or if a company embeds more than the link capacity it should be responsible,” he asserted.
“But Telecommunication Infrastructure Company is not responsible and RCRO will audit every violation,” he said.
“Currently we do not have any problem in broadband field and we can supply companies demands” he added.