Irancell unknown sim cards are active despite RCRO deadline

Tehran, May 19. MOBNA – Since six months have passed since Radio Communication and Regulations Organization deadline to Irancell to register its unknown sim cards, telecommunication minister assumed Irancell offender.

RCRO head had announced that Irancell deadline to register its unknown sim cards is by end of last Iranian year (21 March 2009). It also announced that regulatory body of telecommunication ministry in order to oppose with deceives and prank calls via these unknown sim cards has alarmed second operator. 
“New MTN-Irancell sim cards should have owner information and previously sold sim cards ownership should be determined by the end of year,” Mahmoud Khosravi had said.
Foreign-Iranian operator in first stage disconnected the sim cards of 100,000 unknown subscribers.
But it was planned that the operator to disconnect unknown sim cards in several stages, but it did not and now telecommunication minister has warned this operator.
“If the operator does not perform revisions and does not act according to law, it will be assumed as offender,” telecommunication minister said.
“Regarding people complaints that unknown Irancell sim cards are active yet, we ask Irancell to manage its subscribers and disconnect these sim cards,” Mohammad Soleymani said.
Although there is a law for calls intruders, but it seems that Irancell unknown subscribers are exceptions and they feel no barrier and make prank calls.
Under 18 years old persons are main seekers of Irancell prepaid sim cards.
MTN-Irancell has 15 million subscribers of whom 98 percent are prepaid sim cards subscribers.