Telecommunication Company should be privatized in a month

Tehran, May 20. MOBNA – According to this Iranian year budget bill Telecommunication Company should be privatized by 21 June, TCI managing director said.

“TCI has done all of its commitments and responsibilities to sell off its block share in the Bourse Company and determining sell off time is not up to TCI,” Saber Feizi told Irans mobile news agency (MOBNA).
“This year budget bill has been written such as previous year budget on the base of governmental TCI. Telecommunication Company of Iran is assumed state-owned until 51 percent of its share is offered,” he said.
It was planned that some part of TCI to be privatized by 20 May but it did not.
So far five percent of TCI has been sold off, 20 percent will remain governmental.
Government intends to sell off 50 percent of TCI share as block form to a foreign company with an Iranian partner company.
TCI has monopoly of landline telephone and has most mobile phone subscribers in Iran.